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Head injury claims are dealt with a specialist head injury solicitor. At Accident Injury line we are concerned to ensure that we take the pressure off you, the injured party and your family, deal with your head injury claim as quickly as possible, and get head injury compensation that you are entitled to. Head injuries involving some type of impact to the head are among the most common in our society.

While traumatic brain injury occurs much less frequently, it is important to know how it is identified and what to do for the person. There are many types of head injury and it might not be an injury you recognise yourself at first without professional help. There are many types of head injury that can result in:

• Brain Injury
• Eye injury
• Cheek injury
• Jaw Injury
• Nose Injury
• Scarring to the face
• Teeth Injury

These are all, painful injuries that require a lot of time and patience to recover from. As such the level of compensation can be higher than other claims and its worth talking with a specialist to advise you further. We can offer a the range of compensation that you may be entitled to via our compensation calculator. Please contact us regarding your claim and we can help gain the best legal advice so that you are compensated fully.

Types of head injury claims

Head injuries can be sustained in many types of accident, you may recognise the symptoms of your accident are categorised here:

– Minor Head Injury
– Local Injury
– Acceleration Injury
– Traumatic Brain Injury
– Recovery

Minor Head Injury

Often a Minor Head Injury will be characterised by no more than one hour in the state of Post-Traumatic Amnesia with the victim feeling sick or dizzy. The other effects can include headaches, sickness, concentration difficulties, memory loss and even depression. Frequently in the case of a Minor Head Injury, sufferers at the scene are not examined as thoroughly as those whom are perceived to have more severe conditions. Scans are not always performed and even when they are the minor injury may not be obvious.

The effects of the brain injury may still be felt by the individual but without medical evidence the condition is often misdiagnosed as being ‘all in the mind’. This can create further issues as one of the side effects of a brain injury is depression which can be further compounded by not receiving the correct help.

Minor head injuries do result in successful claims being made:

Local Head Injury

A weapon used in an assault, the car steering wheel in a road traffic accident, or just tripping against the sharp edge of something can break through the skull and injure the brain directly. This sort of injury regularly affects only quite a small area of brain and though it can have severe results it may cause fewer problems than an acceleration injury, in which the damage is prevalent. Both sorts of injury may occur at once, particularly in road traffic accidents.

Acceleration Head Injury

Most head injuries happen because the head is suddenly forced to stop or start moving, or to turn rapidly. These are known as ‘acceleration’ injuries. Running a motor vehicle into a lamppost; being shunted from the rear when you are stopped at traffic lights; or a punch on the jaw that swings the head round are examples of this.

Such injuries are commonly referred to as a whiplash injury. As the brain is forced to follow the movements of the head it gets pulled out of shape and stretched, so that its nerve fibres, together with the arteries and veins that run through it, are torn across. Damage of this sort is often extensive throughout the brain, though some areas are worse affected than others.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury is a type of an acquired brain injury. A traumatic brain injury occurs when a force impacts the brain affecting thought process and or movement functioning. There are two types of TBI; open head injury and closed head injury.

Child head injury claims

Protection of your children is of the highest order. As a guardian of your child, you will always ensure the best interests and safety of your child occurs.

Through no fault of the legal guardian or their child, accidents can happen. The most severe of these are head injuries and the degree of injury can range as well as the period the injury is sustained. If your child has suffered any trauma to their body, the legal guardian is fully responsibility for their care post trauma. There may be additional arrangements, including medical care, that can impact and require changes to your life style and in the majority of cases cost you money.

To compensate your the additional costs and/or loss of earnings you will be able to make an application to claim compensation. Get in contact today or complete our short compensation form and we will be in touch within 24 hrs to help process your child’s claim.