Downloading and Enjoying English Songs

It is possible to find a vast selection of English songs online. In fact, you will find that there are all types of songs available for purchasing and downloading online, ranging from the latest English songs to some of the old classic English songs for kids or romantic songs. If all you want to do is listen, English songs often play over free internet radio stations and many can also be found on video channels such as YouTube.

How To Locate English Songs Online

If you want to download English songs you will need to first of all locate them online. The simplest place to find and download songs is from ITunes. Amazon also has a selection of MP3 songs available for downloading; as does Wal-Mart and several other stores. Often you will find that your favorite musician or singer’s website will also feature their latest albums. You can usually download the lyrics of English songs at the same time as you download the album or track; or if not, they are fairly easy to locate by simply searching online.

The increasing popularity of the MP3 format led to many songs being illegally uploaded and distributed for free via peer to peer file sharing networks. This practice is rigorously opposed by all major record companies, thus in an effort to combat this many online retailers are now using encrypted proprietary formats which prevent people from uploading these files to these type of networks.

Unfortunately this also limits the usability of the track as when you try to listen, English songs and other MP3 music often cannot be played on many regular MP3 players or from microSD cards. Some companies that sell songs online, such as Napster or Kaaza offer subscription based downloads whereby the downloaded song will only work providing your subscription is up-to-date, or you spend additional money to buy a copy that can be burned to CD.

Finding Your Favorite Style Of Music

Many people have one or two styles of popular music that they enjoy listening to. If you want to keep up with the latest releases of your favorite album you may need to keep an eye on your favorite musician’s website or keep up with the top hits of whichever genre of music you like to listen to. Billboard lists the top 100 of most of the more popular genres including R&B and hip hop, country, rock, Latin, pop and dance songs; and allows you to listen to many of the songs online at your leisure. You can purchase and download them as well.

In fact, it has probably never been easier than it is now with all the music available to listen, English songs online abound and news about upcoming releases and tours is readily available. An Alternative Use For English Songs: Teaching English Many ESL teachers have found using the medium of music very effective as a teaching aid. There are many reasons why using songs is very effective as a language teaching tool. First of all, most students find it highly enjoyable to learn language in such a fun format. Most modern style songs use very contemporary language, including phrases and idioms that are commonly spoken yet often not taught via regular text-book teaching. It is relatively easy to obtain them and the lyrics are usually widely available; thus the song words can be used to reinforce standard English lessons and teach new vocabulary words. While the grammar may not always be text-book perfect, it is usually what they would naturally hear in an English speaking country.

Music has a very positive effect on a person’s mood. You can listen to them while you work or when you want to relax. You can play guitar along with the music as you teach yourself guitar, or learn to play piano chords as you teach yourself piano. It is very much a part of most people’s life, and being able to enjoy the vast selection of English songs available these days will add to your quality of life in a very tangible way.