Healthcare Providers’ Liability Extended to Nonpatients

A decision of an appeals court in Utah extends medical malpractice liability of healthcare providers not just to the patient, but also the patient’s family. The decision reversed a decision of the trial court involving a case of murder where a husband, who was under medication, gunned down his wife. Their children sued the healthcare … [Read more…]

Head Injury Claim Compensation Solicitors UK

Head injury claims are dealt with a specialist head injury solicitor. At Accident Injury line we are concerned to ensure that we take the pressure off you, the injured party and your family, deal with your head injury claim as quickly as possible, and get head injury compensation that you are entitled to. Head injuries … [Read more…]

Insurers To Tackle Whiplash Epidemic

At a recent summit with some of the country’s leading insurance companies, the Prime Minister had much to say about the compensation culture in the UK. Right now, there are over 1500 whiplash claims made each and every day and some are for the most minor of incidents. These whiplash claims cases and the resulting … [Read more…]

Boulder Wrongful Death Lawyers

Fields of Expertise: Our legal rules affects nearly each aspect of the society, from buying a house to crossing the road. Lawyers holding positions of huge responsibility and are obligated to adhere to a strict conduct of ethics. The extra detailed aspects of a lawyers job pending upon his or her field of specialization and … [Read more…]

What Is Employer Liability Insurance And How Is It Different From Automobile Liability Insurance?

It has become vital that employers protect themselves and their businesses with Employer Liability Insurance. During the past few decades, our society has become riddled with litigiousness and an increasing number of insurance companies. Everybody is quick to take legal action against anybody else and more and more molehills are being transformed into mountains. Several … [Read more…]