Beat Making Software

Every body wants to make beats. It just seems like the thing to do.

Especially for young people. No matter if you are musically inclined or not, you know that if you had the right tools to work with, you would be able to make the hottest beats anyone has ever heard. That hot beat that you heard in the club last night that you can’t stop hearing in your head, you know that you can make a beat better than that. You bang them out on the table all the time or hum them to yourself.

Well, know you don’t have to do that any more. There are lots of beat making software programs that are available to help you get your inner producer poppin’ in a few short, easy steps. The thing about beat making software, is that there are so many on the market, all claiming to make you the hottest producer or beat maker in just a few minutes. While some of the programs maybe easy to use, you still want to make sure that you invest in one that is going to give you that big professional studio sound and broadcast quality.

The some of the best beat making software that is available FL Studio, DUBturbo,Cyber Sequencer, and Sonic Producer. Each one of these programs makes it easy for the beginner and the experienced beat maker to create industry quality beats right on their computer. All come with the ability to turn the keyboard that you type on into a keypad for programming drums and also playing instruments such as basses, strings and piano. High quality sound kits come pre loaded in the software, so you will be sure to have the hottest sounds that all of the top producers are using to day.

A 16 track sequencer is the minimum space for recording you beats that you will get with any of these programs, most of them go much higher. The recording process is basically point and click. You chose the sound that you want and click on the place that you want the sound to play in the pattern. This works the same when in the piano roll mode to, just pick the notes that you want and where the need to played. It is that simple.

When putting your song together, the sequencer allows you to move each individual pattern where ever you would like it in the song. For instance, if you have an 8 bar intro that you would like to play in the middle of the song and again near the end, you can move just that pattern to where you want it. These beat making programs also give the view of a mixing console so you can control the volume of each of the instrument track individually. This is great for control during a mixdown. The other great thing that is allowed by these programs is the ability to save your beats as MP3 files and also as broadcast quality WAV files.

All of the best beat making software will also allow you to import your own sounds into the program, giving you a lot more freedom and creativity. Tutorials are available to get you started on the websites of the best beat making software. If you are really interested in making hot beats and impressing your friends and others that are in the music industry, FL Studio, DUBturbo, Cyber Sequencer, and Sonic Producer are the best to use. These programs even offer online studios so you don’t even have to load anything onto your computer. All you need is an internet connection and you are in the virtual world of making beats.